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About The Periodontists

‘The Periodontists’ was established initially under the name ‘Applecross Periodontics’ by Dr Jane McCarthy in 1999, with the aim of providing specialist periodontal and dental implant services in a convenient relaxed environment. Dr McCarthy continued to provide her well known excellent periodontal services since then, until she retired in late 2020. Dr Samy Francis worked alongside Dr McCarthy for a couple of years before becoming the new owner.

With the aim of moving toward a bright successful future, Dr Samy Francis rebranded ‘Applecross Periodontics’ to ‘The Periodontists’. He is committed to providing the best periodontal care possible and continuing the exceptional services that our loyal referrers, dentists and patients are used to.

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What Is A Periodontist?

A periodontist is a specialist dentist who specialises in addressing the problems or concerns related to gums and/or dental implants. They usually spend at least another three years of studying and training on top of their basic dental degree. Dr Samy Francis, with his gentle and calming manner, and his vast experience, can address your periodontal and dental implant needs in the most efficient way so that you get the best possible treatment outcome.

The friendly team at ‘The Periodontists’ consists of our practice manager, patient co-ordinators, dental assistants and experienced expert trained dental hygienists. We endeavour to cater to all our patients needs in the most efficient and pleasant way achievable.

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