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The Frenum

Frenum is a piece of soft tissue that runs in a line between, and connects, the lips and gums.

In some circumstances, this tissue pulls on the gum tissues, making it harder to clean. It could also lead to the development of gum recession.


In the upper teeth specifically, the frenum could be very thick and related to midline gaps (called diastema) between the middle teeth. Hence, your orthodontist may ask for this tissue to be removed, sometimes before and sometimes after orthodontic treatment. This is done to help in preventing the midline gaps from reforming again.


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The Frenectomy Procedure

Removing the frenum is a procedure called frenectomy. Frenectomy is a very simple procedure, that is done after local anaesthetic is applied to make the area numb. It does not take very long to complete, and we use dissolving stitches that fall out in a couple of weeks.

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Before and After

Mandibular (lower) Frenectomy

Patient 1 before
Patient 1 after

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