Gum Recession Treatment

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Gum Recession Treatment

There are two types of gum tissues. The first is pink, thick, firm, and non-mobile. This is usually present adjacent to teeth and makes the process of toothbrushing much more comfortable. The second type of tissue is usually red and mobile. It attaches the cheek and lips to the above-mentioned thick tissue. Sometimes individuals either lose the thick gum tissues, or that supposedly thick tissue is very thin. This could happen for multiple reasons. If this happens, tooth brushing procedures become uncomfortable and the thin gums are likely to recede further. In that case, we do gum grafts to improve the tissue thickness to achieve more comfort for the individual while brushing, and to improve the gum health in general. In addition, some of the orthodontic tooth movements can lead to tissue thinning and potentially gum recession. Hence, orthodontists refer their patients to us to assess the need for gum grafting either prior to, or after orthodontic treatment.


Although gum grafting in this case does not aim at root coverage, sometimes we achieve either partial or complete root coverage during gum grafting as well.

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