Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are a replacement option for missing natural teeth.  They can be used to replace one, multiple, or all the teeth. The best thing about dental implants is that they are fixed to the bone, and hence in most cases, does not need to be removed or re-inserted (unlike dentures which require removal regularly).

Each dental implant is formed of two bits in general, the first bit is what is referred to as “fixture” or “screw” or the “implant”. This is either Titanium or ceramic that is inserted into the bone and after healing it becomes fused to the bone. It acts like the foundation to the second bit, which is the “restoration”. The restoration, sometimes called the “crown” or “bridge”, is the bit that gets attached to the fixture. This is the part that you can see in the mouth and replaces the missing tooth/teeth.

Implants are one of the best inventions in dentistry. They revolutionised and improved significantly, the quality of teeth replacement. If they are done properly, they achieve the best aesthetic and functional outcomes. They leave you with a feeling that you have no missing teeth. Whether you are missing, one, multiple or all your teeth. For almost thirty years, we have a very long track record of placing dental implants in all circumstances.

All on Four®

If you are missing all the teeth in either one or both jaws (upper and lower), ‘All on Four®’ can be an option for you. ‘All on Four®’ is a concept when all the teeth in one jaw are replaced by placing four fixtures into the jawbone. These four fixtures act as a foundation to a bridge that replaces all the teeth. This is a much better option than having a denture (plate) as dentures are removable (they must be taken out and re-inserted regularly), while having a bridge on four implants is generally fixed and can give you a very comfortable and natural feel, as close to natural as possible.

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