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Periodontal Maintenance‚Äč

Once you have completed your initial periodontal therapy you will be placed in our periodontal maintenance program. It is important to remember that WE CANNOT CURE GUM DISEASE. The best we can do is stop it from progressing. Maintenance is the key to success. Hence, compliance with diligent home care and ongoing periodontal maintenance is of paramount importance. Otherwise, periodontal disease becomes active again and patients may lose more bone around their teeth.

After initial phase of removing the tartar and home care instructions your gums will heal, and bleeding should cease. 

Over time, a few spots can build up with plaque again if cleaning at home is not ideal. In most patients four to six monthly maintenance is ideal. At the maintenance appointments you will be seen by our specially trained dental hygienists to remove any reforming plaque and tartar and give extra advice about brushing better. From time to time, the periodontist will remeasure and re-evaluate the need for further periodontal treatment.

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EMS Airflow Technique

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The Peridontists specialise in all kinds of dential and gum based surgeries

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